Ag. Challenge

Department 32- Ag. Challenge

Ag. Challenge
Each year the Fair will offer an agricultural challenge highlighting an agricultural topic.  The topic this year is Vertical Farming.  The challenge is for an exhibitor to construct a ‘model’ of a vertical farm of the future which meets the requirements in the judging criteria.  For ideas and examples of vertical farms you may Google ‘Vertical Farming’ or go to and click designs for to collect ideas.

Agricultural Challenge:
Under 9 Junior Senior Class
32101 32201 32301 Agricultural Challenge

Exhibits will be judged on the required eleven elements listed below. 

Criteria Elements: 

Labeling parts of the structure will be helpful in the judging process.


1.  Size – max. of 2’ tall and does not extend beyond a 9” x 9” base, min. of 3 levels to the structure.

2.  Sturdiness of design – sturdy and securely attached to the 9” x 9” base.

Growing Area:

3.  Plant and Crops – a wide selection of crops grown on the various levels – all crops should be labeled.

4.  Planting Beds – the plants are planted in planting beds on the floors of the building.

Public Area in Building:

5.  Farmers Market or Restaurant on one of the levels so people can purchase food produced in the building.


6.  Source of renewable power located on outside of the building – solar or wind.

7.  Growing lights inside of the building above the planting beds so plants can grow.


8.  Source of water for building:  some type of a collection system to collect rain water.

9.  Irrigation for plants in planting beds on various levels of building.

Exterior Landscaping:

Hardscape:  Appropriate walkways, benches and signs to beautify the exterior landscape of building.

Softscape:  Trees, shrubs and flowers to decorate the landscape and make it inviting to the public.

10.  Creative use of materials evident

11.  Overall Effectiveness of Project Design evident

Best of luck in making a creative design to represent farming of the future in cities!

All entries must be the work of the exhibitor, completed during the current year.