Department 9 - Poultry

Any questions about this Department should be directed to the chairman
with the Contact Us Form: Attention Poultry Department

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Department Guidelines:

  1. Animals shown in the Poultry Department must be registered in the name of the exhibitor.
  2. Exhibitors must follow these and all guidelines in General and Outdoor Rules and Regulations.
  3. All poultry exhibitors must comply with regulations set forth by the Maryland Department of Agriculture. Specific requirements for poultry are outlined in the following document. All birds must be identified. Premises number is required on the entry form and must be identified upon arrival to the Fair. Self-certification should be made available upon arrival.
  4. Poultry flock must be registered with the National Animal Identification system. The Premises Identification number is required.
  5. All poultry exhibitors must complete Self Certification of Poultry health form prior to loading birds and shall present it upon request to designated fair agent.
  6. All poultry, regardless of age, must be tested as required by the MD Department of Agriculture. See health regulations for livestock exhibited in Maryland. All exhibitors must show proof of negative testing at the time the birds are entered.
  7. Exhibitors may enter one (1) bird per class unless noted in class guidelines. Each bird should be entered separately on the entry form. The maximum number of entries per department is seven (7).
  8. Exhibitors are NOT allowed to substitute birds on the day of the show, they must show what was preregistered.
  9. Minimum age for entry is five months.
  10. Birds in Purebred and Crossbred Classes will be judged according to breed characteristics, e.g. feathers, coloring, combs, etc.
  11. Exhibitors must provide cages for their birds for the show. Each bird entered must be stored in a separate cage.
  12. Poultry are to be kept in their pens at all times except during judging, for the safety of the General Public, exhibitors, and all birds.

Section 1: Chickens
The breed of the chicken should be specified on the registration form. See Breed List for all breed codes. All Breeds are varieties that are officially recognized by the American Poultry Association, Inc.

09501 Pullet (female bird hatched after Dec. 31 of previous year)
09502 Laying Hen (female bird hatched before Jan. 1 of current year)
09503 Cockerel (male bird hatched after Dec. 31 of previous year)
09504 Cock (male bird hatched before Jan 1 of current year)

Section 2: Other Fowl
Limit one entry per class except where noted. The breed of each bird should be noted on the registration form. See Breed List for all breed codes.

09505 Pigeons
09506 Meat Birds (pen of 2)
09507 Ducks
09508 Geese
09509 Turkey
09510 Quail

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