Rabbit and Cavy

Rabbit and Cavy

 Any questions about this Department should be directed to the chairman
with the Contact Us Form: Attention Rabbit and Cavy Dept.

Department Guidelines:

  1. Animals shown in Rabbit and Cavy Department must be registered in the name of the exhibitor.
  2. Exhibitors must follow these and all guidelines in General Regulations.
  3. All animals must have a readable tattoo in their left ear at time of entry.
  4. We request that all entrants provide their own carriers, food containers, food, and water containers.  Department chairman have the right to deny premiums to those who fail to comply.
  5. There will be no changes or substitutions unless in the same breed, class, sex, age, and variety.  Only ONE change per exhibitor.
  6. Rabbits and Cavies will be judged Saturday morning beginning at 10:00am. Everyone is invited to watch.
  7. Any animal showing signs of illness or disease will be refused entry.  The decision of the department chairman will be final.
  8. Pet Class will be judged according to the condition of fur, general health, overall balance, and appearance.  Hutch stains, broken teeth, and animal’s ability to pose may be considered to break ties.
  9. Do NOT fill in coop column on the entry blank.
  10. Rabbits and Cavies will be awarded class ribbons 1st through 6th places.  Premiums of $4.00 per entry up to 7 entries per exhibitor.  More entries may be shown, but no premiums will be paid. 

Section A:  Rabbits

7501 Breed Class – any breed accepted by A.R.B.A., if breed is not purebred, enter in Pet class.
7502 Meat Pen. (3 of any sex, not over 5 lbs. per rabbits, not over 10 weeks old.  
7503 Pet Class
7504 Fun Class- Jumping

Section B:  Cavies

7505 Breed Class – if there are not enough cavies entered in separate breeds,
they will be judged together.